Blogs, social media, live video, etc., have all become a part of our daily routine. They play an important role in business success and have solidified their place in personal settings as well. There’s no denying the great things that have come about from the constant evolution and reach of technology. However, we need to be mindful that digital media supplements our lives and doesn’t replace the interactions that matter.  Let technology document your real life exploits…not replace them. Visit my business website here.

I’m a forty-something husband of “the one” and father of three. My family is not just everything to me, they are what makes me…well, ME.  They are the ones who gave me the focus to pursue my college degree and fuel the determination to continue through graduate school.  I’ve never traveled the paved road or taken the easy route but I persevere until my goals are reached.  I’m just here to share my own points of view and to maybe give a small population of people a great nugget of content to take along with them.